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A Letter from the Prez!!
Just a quick note to let you all know that the Nat'l Work session scheduled for March 7th & 8th has been CANCELLED due to weather. When we set the schedule back in Nov. we were hoping for a mild winter which is not the case for anyone so far. No worrries though as everyone has been working hard in the "Behind the Scene" action prior to the event.

Just to name a few in no particular order; thanks go out to Adam Blumhorst, Bob Wentzel, Dave Nuzum, Brad & Phil Baumert, (did you see the updated website for Nat’l Sign-up that Phil took care of?), and our Trials Master Bill Klein. There are still a lot of duties open for the event so make plans to help do what you are good at and let's have fun with this.

The next TI event will be the Michiana Trial March 28 & 29. This event is close enough to the "Lake Effect Snow Belt" that it might be an issue. I am in contact with Mont Annis on this and we will keep everyone informed on the conditions. Plan to make the trip!

Also, a clarification on the Nat’l Work Session dated June 6th & 7th...this is the Ohio Valley BSA Vintage Meet. The thinking here was that there are going to be a handful of TI members there partaking in the meet, and if there was some down time to set some gates and finish up some tasks, we could do just that. THIS SESSION IS NOT A FULL ON CLUB WORK PARTY IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR EVENT. If you are there and want to go out and piddle with us after most of the action of the day is done, Great! The heavy clearing and trimming should be done in the work sessions prior to this event.

Stay tuned and c'mon Spring!
Jimmy Z.

TI will be hosting a Mototrials National at Toronto in 2015!!
The Trials Inc club has committed to hosting a National in Toronto on June 20th & 21st. This takes a lot of hard work and volunteer support from our club. We have setup work weekends before the national to get some sections cleared and the loop lined out. We would appreciate anyone that can come out on the following weekends to lend a hand. If you need any info about work weekends, contact Jim Zuroske at 317-965-7277.

March 6th & 7th
April 4th & 5th
April 18th & 19th
June 6th & 7th

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Thanks for your support!!

2014 Champ Class Series Winner Quinn Wentzel with his traveling trophy

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Bryan and Andrew Putt (National Trials Youth Champ). Andrew just returned from Europe for the championships there. Tune in and hear all about Sherco's Youth Programs where the Stars of Tomorrow are here riding in the States today. Bob Wentzel joins us to recap the second Trials Incorporated event of this season. Click the play button below to listen to the full interview...

R.I.P. Royce Klein


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